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In May of the 7th Dai Tri year [1 / 6-29 / 6/1364] (Nguyen Chi Chinh 24th year), the King became ill. The King let go of the game. Being addicted to alcohol, he often felt that the chief minister living in Vinh An palace, Bui Khoan, came to drink wine together. Bui Khoan pretended to be drinking a hundred drinks and was awarded a twenty-fourth (8). Norway find your moose experience poster When the king was too drunk, he went to the river to take a bath, so he was sick; send Trau Canh people day and night to lower medicine, gradually become healthy. August [28 / 8-25 / 9/1364], arrange the army, select the people to be healthy, put into three ranks, fix the equipment and ships, to prevent accidents caused by outside. border caused. In October [October 26 to November 23, 1364], Cung Tuc Vuong Nguyen Duc passed away.

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