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“In November [12/12 / 1365-11 / 1/1366], sent a defense warlord in Lang Giang, Thieu Thieu, to lead an army defending the northern border. At that time, the Nguyen Dynasty was in turmoil, and the people in the border were confused, so the king sent Thieu Thieu to take the Lao troops from the mountainous region of Lang Giang to a strict room. Thieu Thieu deftly lured soldiers. Everyone should please. Later, because there was an arrogant and exhausted brother, Thieu Thieu was guilty of contagiousness and was dismissed. Among the soldiers because of Thieu That asked this question: Not today mugglefucker mug In June [9 / 7-6 / 8/1366], the king visited Me So village in Dong An district, Hung Yen province. The king used a small boat, went to the house of Lieutenant Tran Ngo Lang at night, went back at midnight, when he arrived at Chu Gia beach, Van Giang district, Bac Ninh province, the thief took away both the seal and the precious sword. . Self-knowing is a bad omen, the king even more leisurely eat and play.

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