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The emperor, loved by heaven to dominate the vast land, is admired everywhere near and far; Yet Ai Lao is a petty country, daring to defiantly teach the court. Skull face lion 3D all over print hoodie  In the Year of the Pig [1335], the quarter-autumn month [the September lunar month], when the emperor took the army (4) to patrol the western front lobe, the prince Chiem Thanh and Chan Lap, the Siamese, the Shinto religion Man chiefs Quy Cam, Xa Lac, the newly dependent tribes, the religious prisoners Boi Bon and Man Thanh Xa, all contested to the audience, offering local products; There was only one thief named Bong [King Ai Lao] who tried to keep his habit of ignorance, fear of guilt, did not come to the audience immediately.

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