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The ancient emperor ruled over the world, just like the sun and the moon shining; no matter how far and near we all treat the same kindness. Therefore, China is revered for peace, the four directions are also at peace, not to mention the submission. Since the Nguyen dynasty, politics have not had any ties; The world has been in chaos for 17 years; near and far information is clogged. I started to build an inheritance from the left side of the Yangtze River, wiped out the heroic archipelago, was revered by the subjects as the master of Trung Nguyen, the national title of Dai Minh, the reign of Hong Vu. Come to finland the finnish maiden vintage poster  Recently occupied the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, unified the country, worshiped the orthodox, together with near and far places were peaceful and enjoying peace. Because the kings and heads of the Di tribes (10) in the four directions do not know this information, should be given to understand clearly. ” (Minh Thuc Luc relates to China and Vietnam (11), volume 1, page 121, translator Ho Bach Thao)

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