I’m telling you i’m not a dachshund my mom said i’m a baby mom is always right shirt

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‘I heard the ancients draw apricot branches and birds will, but never before. Now in the chancellery embroider bamboo branches with birds will. Truc is a gentleman, the bird will be a small man. The prime minister embodies such that he puts the gentleman on top of the gentleman, fearing that the gentleman’s religion will be strong, the gentleman’s way will decline. I help the young people because of the holy court. ”  In February, the 17th year of Hung Long [March 13 to April 10, 1309], Manh made his son Prince. Establishing the queen, Tran Thi, went down to the general amnesty; Queen’s daughter is Hung Nhuong Vuong Quoc Tang, and when she was just married, she was called Thanh Tu Lady; Come here to be the Queen Thuan Thanh.

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