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The Babylonian civilization has a prominent role in world history, for it is the mediator of the Sumer-Akkad culture of West Asia, and in particular, Babylon is the direct cultural context of the Sutras. The Old Testament … For over a thousand years, Babylon has tasted both heights and abysses of power in the land of Western Civilization … Plan For The Day Coffee Drum And Beer Shirt The semi-circular land between the Persian Gulf and the Sinai Peninsula is commonly referred to as the Fertile Crescent. This land is divided from neighboring lands by the following natural boundaries: the Mediterranean to the west; to the north are insurmountable high mountains such as Amanus, Taurus, and Ararat; to the east is the Zagros Mountains; to the south is the Arabia desert. The geographical features indicate that this is an almost enclosed land. In that land, the tribes settled, migrated and then fought again, but in the early part of ancient history, they had little contact with foreign forces.

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