Cat Don’t Tell Me What To Do poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Cat Don’t Tell Me What To Do poster. Order now before lose it forever.



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My dad is homeless in Washington right now, he’s a veteran, and deserves better then to be beaten by cops for sleeping under a bridge, especially during a pandemic. Before anything is said about me, I’m trying to buy a house soon that has a basement apartment for him to live in. Cat Don’t Tell Me What To Do poster. My brother was one of the most successful, intelligent people I’ve ever known. House by the beach, multiple new cars in the driveway… he ended up homeless. He had plenty of offers for a place to stay but he wouldn’t take it. Please don’t pre-judge family and friends of homeless people. They’re probably at their wits end that they can’t help the person they love and worried sick every night.

Cat Don’t Tell Me What To Do poster

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There are a lot of really good people who are homeless! There will probably be a lot more after this health crisis is over. Just look at the cost of living especially what people pay for rent and their mortgages! Then look at the snails pace at which salaries have increased over the last few years. Cat Don’t Tell Me What To Do poster. Tax cuts have gone to the wealthy not the the rest of us. How are hard working families supposed to afford a decent place to live in when they are living paycheck to paycheck. This is all becoming crystal clear during this crisis and government checks will be a drop in bucket. This is very much “the perfect storm.” To the ones talking crap- you don’t know where she is staying. Maybe it’s not her place. Maybe it’s a shelter. Maybe it’s a rented room. There are all kinds of reasons why she may not be able to have him with her.

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