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Daniel W. Yake they have already taken money from it, Hair Hustler. President George W Bush borrowed $1.37 trillion of Social Security surplus revenue to pay for his tax cuts for the rich and his war in Iraq and never paid it back this was August 3, 2015.

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You might be unaware that the bonds from Social Security are guaranteed and have brought in so much interest income.
Our Social Security Administration loans money to the federal government, which, in turn, pays interest to the Social Security program each year. Hair Hustler. Congress’ borrowing allowed Social Security to collect $85.1 billion in interest income for 2017, and it’s expected to provide $804 billion in aggregate interest income between 2018 and 2027. Now isn’t it better for our Social Security funds to grow with interest rather than just sitting barren until it runs out?
So in 2017 it collected 85.1 billion dollars added to the account.

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