2001 a space odyssey poster

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If you’re required to stay home you should delete your car mask selfie. 2001 a space odyssey poster. What if someone lives on a mountain, what should they do?

2001 a space odyssey poster

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What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that restrictions on individual activities aren’t based on that literal individual activity done at any given time but to stop general human traffic. 2001 a space odyssey poster. For example banning a recreational activity such as kayaking seems strange when you imagine someone in the literal act. But it’s about driving to the lake, stopping off at a gas station on the way, passing someone else in the car park etc etc. having an emergency at home while doing everything you can to limit them is different than having an emergency doing an activity that increases risk. If you go hiking on a trail and fall down a hill you weren’t doing everything to limit your risk. If you are in your home and fall down the stairs you were doing everything to limit risk. The virus by itself would tax our healthcare system. If someone takes a bed from a virus patient because they were out climbing or fishing and got injured they would be judged far more harshly in the public eye than a person who tripped and fell in their own house. that is true about there is still contact risk but also a big reason why the flu and some other viruses seem “seasonal” is because people spend more time in the warmer months outside where there is often less close interaction between people. Of course we don’t know yet what will happen with the new coronavirus this summer as we have no information and it’s infection rate is higher than many widespread viruses.

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