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Your songs have been the soundtrack of my life in so many moments. Looking foward to listening to this new one. Best wishes. Man, I have an 11 year old daughter that is going to be so excited to hear that. She loved Bas Habits!. Ed I don’t expect u to see this but my baby brother (fifteen years younger than I) passed last May and I feel like the song is me speaking to him!! I feel it’s literally the BEST memorial song ever written by a landslide. My brother correctly guessed your album title three years ago! . Cassette !? I absolutely love that your releasing your album on cassettes . We played supermarket flowers at my mum’s funeral . And on my birthday?!!! I’m so excited!!! Yay to new music and sharing a part of your soul!!!. Love this so glad you’ve chosen to release it!. Hallo my role model Ed Sheeran. Dallas cowboys skull jersey 3d hoodie You motivate me 100%.

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Just watched Visiting Hours. I was in tears when you originally performed it and again this morning, it is such an incredibly beautiful song and wonderful tribute to Michael. I am beyond excited to hear = and I know you’re going to deliver another extraordinary album . Just listened to visiting hours for the first time all the way through. Have to say sat here in tears this song is going to be so relatable to probably everyone. My uncle/best friend died when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old daughter and this is exactly how I feel. Beautiful song it really is but not surprised I love all Ed’s music . Brilliant. There’s a bit for everyone, with your music and you’re not afraid to try new things. Looking forward to it.. Visiting Hours is an amazing song. I lost my mom in March of 2020 and gave birth to my son in December of 2020. I never even got to tell her I was pregnant. This and Supermarket Flowers reach me on such a personal level. Thank you Ed for these beautiful and meaning songs. God Bless. Dallas cowboys skull jersey 3d hoodie

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and Best Wishes
with the release of your new Album
sounds like there is so much emotion fun, adventure, love and real life in it. I’m very sorry you lost a dear friend RIP Michael x. Love your music really looking forward to hearing
Pause GIF. I just love your music. So touching, so meaningful, from the heart. The song’s make me smile, cry and hit all my emotions. Congratulations. I am so excited!!! Just preordered on iTunes and I cannot wait!! Congratulations, Edand thank you for the music and passion you give us!. Congratulations can’t wait to hear the album going to be another big hit x. Amazing album cover and Visiting Hours is a beautiful song. Can’t wait to hear the rest.. October 29th can’t come fast enough . Congratulations on the new album Ed!
I’m absolutely in love with “Visiting Hours”. That song spoke to me on a real personal level as my father passed away during lockdown last year due to cancer (which came on way too suddenly to say the least). The visiting hours for us were basically non-existent, right up until his last day. Then they allowed only 2 family members to visit my dying father. No one else. I was fortunate enough to be one of the people who stood by him until his last breath. I was also pregnant with my father’s first grandchild at the time. Losing someone so close is so hard. Only those who have experienced it understand. So thank you for putting those feelings into such a beautiful piece of artwork for the world to listen to. We love you Ed!

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