3D Printed Welder Skull Death T-shirt and Sweatshirt

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Yeah well imagine ISIS murdering the Queen’s grandson. 3D Printed Welder Skull Death T-shirt. That’ll add fuel to the fire to the extremist terrorist groups around the world genius.

3D Printed Welder Skull Death T-shirt

3D Printed Welder Skull Death Zip hoodie
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3D Printed Welder Skull Death Sweatshirt
3D Printed Welder Skull Death Hoodie

I’m Canadian and the impact of Harry and Meghan is pretty low on my list of priorities. I’m more conserved with clean drinking water, deteriorating healthcare, single use plastic, veteran’s health and welfare, prescription-vision-dental for all, especially seniors, badly needed increases in Canada Pension benefits, classroom sizes, lack of doctors, treatment of educators and nurses etc. After all the money various governments have thrown away, a few bucks towards their security is a drop in a very large bucket! Here we go again with the nonsense. It should be an honor to have them there! 3D Printed Welder Skull Death T-shirt. Wishing you both lots of success in your future endeavors! An honour! Oh that good old colonial mentality. Like somehow we have been bestowed honour that we didn’t already earn ourselves. Eat cake. That’s a bargain! The US has spent $123 million USD on golf trips over three years for the President! That’s US dollars and not counting any other travel. Seems odd to me all the media their getting. Even over ride Kates’ and Sophies’ birthday but they don’t want attention,right. I didn’t blame them,twisted my words just like the media does. Diana passed away 23 years ago and has never rested in peace. I think at age 35 Harry should have it together a bit better. I know one never gets over the loss of ones Mother,but he dwells on it,thought that why they started mental awareness charity. Most people wouldn’t say that and many will get angry but lose is something we all deal with just because he Prince Harry doesn’t make it more of a loss now does it.

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