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He is an outstanding pick and those that bash him have little to no understanding of the military or the respect that he has earned. Either side of the aisle would be praised to having him. Although he has not been out the time allotted he is an extraordinary exception and should be confirmed. Anthony Sandora you little snowflake millennial are you scared you little bernie idiot. 3D Sloth Blanket. Go to your cry in its about to start. Okay, so we know you’re going to go the mad dog route rather than echoing the praises afforded him by both sides of the aisle and especially the marines who served under him. Still not reporting the truthful news. I looked at the recent cable ratings not doing too well are you?

3D Sloth Blanket

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Mike Fondots that’s because you’re so steeped in your ego centric, racist point of view that you’ve The inability to consider the totality of this so called movement of xenophobes, and take it for the atrocious pitfall in our history that it is. And losing over 2 million more votes and dozens of republican congress denouncing the orange pig, is not a yuge movement in the least. You’ve no idea the number of people who, on top of the 2 million, sat it out because they hated HRC. So, please don’t get too self satisfied with your nazi-esque movement which is inspiring school children to commit hate crimes. You’re a deplorable and you know it. Bask in the dark joy you get out of this fiasco now because it won’t last. America will return stronger out of the darkness and you’ll die off along with your miserable, pro white ideology. 3D Sloth Blanket. Thank you for caring enough about the rest of the world to care and be interested in what our country is doing. Most of us still want to be connected to the rest of our continent and our world, Sandy. I’m so embarrassed of these ignorant types. It’s truly Deploable.

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