A boxer’s house rules poster

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Alexa, play the underrated masterpiece “Smile” the album. I still remember the moment I saw you on stage in Philadelphia in 2011. I had just graduated high school. It was the candy dreams tour. and I saw part of me 3 times in theaters!!!!!! I literally grew up with you . Love the breakdancing poster in the back. I think I had that when I was a kid. I feel like I remember it as a foldout that’s came with something…. Will listen to on my phone since I don’t have an Alexa to play it on command.. Brenda A Steinbarth A boxer’s house rules poster The early years make you realize you didn’t give up no matter what and you remember where you are today. From living out of her car to being a new Mother, Co-Host a National TV Show and still be planning to to a tour???

A boxer’s house rules poster

A boxer's house rules poster 1
A boxer’s house rules poster 1
A boxer's house rules poster 3
A boxer’s house rules poster 3
A boxer's house rules poster 2
A boxer’s house rules poster 2

My favourite pop star… KATY HUDSON IS COMING. She lost most of her fans during witness era but she got one like me who can love her billion times more than them. Omg that looks like “diamonds” days . Is Katy Hudson coming back ?? . Poor Katy. She’s been brainwashed and soulless thanks to the music industry. Watch her on TV or look at her photos – she doesn’t look happy. The Katy in this photo is lost forever.. Tears of the sun still have the key ring the marine gave me through the ruff times a hang it up over my bed with the eye of Horus guess what 8 months ago a police van pull up on me my spirit say is because of the Ellie goulding song why them want to l… See More. Tears of the sun a going remember you forever. Alexa, play “Washed up” off of Katy’s final album “Financial Liability” A boxer’s house rules poster

A boxer’s house rules poster

She totally looks like Zoey Deschanel in this pic!. Cause its takes whole lot of adulthood to understand it was the best “when we were young”. Leandra Rodriguez. I would say “ Alexa play There’s a light that never goes out, The Smiths”. I just can not describe how beautiful you were when you were young and you still getting much beauty. Trust me im still your best choice. I scream , I yell, sometimes I even throw a hissy fit. I get paid for poor behavior to make it look like there is something wrong with me I can’t help myself.. My smile is much more beautiful than you. Alexa replies : Sorry, I can’t play this, because when both of you were young, I wasn’t even discovered.. I felt in love in that moment with that style
Play GIF. So much teenage angst in one picture . Before she sold the soul!

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