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Chere Vincent then the DNC should have went with Bernie. I’m not voting for their shit candidate just like I didn’t in 16. I would have voted for Warren Yang Tulsi Booker there were a lot of worthy candidates. AC/DC filter face mask. They chose an old wormangering, creepy, racists…. will never vote for biden. Well thank you but unless your article states Biden is advocating for universal healthcare then you are wasting your time. Chere Vincent on a side note maybe it would be better for Trump to remove pre-existing conditions then it would motivate americans to push for universal even more. Lose the battle but win the war… I’d have to think about it.

AC/DC filter face mask

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Concerned political leaders and others need to demand that Trump create a single authority to direct the Federal Government’s response to the epidemic headed by a recognized expert to mobilize the entire resources of the country. AC/DC filter face mask. The hodgepodge of governors and mayors competing against each other for scarce resources will never contain the epidemic. He’s not my choice either; you are; have been since 2015. However we must get trump out! In another 4 yrs, he will have declared himself king and his sheep will follow and make it law. Isn’t this how Hitler started! I don’t think the candidate you endorsed agrees with this though. He’s pro ACA which is full of holes for people to be forced into being uninsured in the event of a layoff or when they make too much for medicaid but not enough for marketplace subsidies. As a chronically ill person on treatments needed to keep me alive that cost thousands a month without insurance

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