AC/DC filter face mask

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Thanks Bernie for instituting in young Americans the undeniable fact that this country needs a complete political reform. We hope to witness such change one day in which this great land’s wealth will be shared fairly among all Americans. I am in tears. AC/DC filter face mask. You spend your whole life reading about legends in history books and documentaries and think about those times. How amazing it could be if you were lucky enough to live in those times. Times where radical change took place for the good of all people. We don’t have those types of legends anymore. But you sir, are a legend and we all vow to keep your vision alive forever.

AC/DC filter face mask

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The green party has almost the same platform as Bernie if we quit being puppets and voting for who the DNC CNN and MSNBC tell us to we can make a progressive party. I’m voting green I dare you to stand up for your beliefs and do the same. We get 25 percent this year we will have real change in 2024. AC/DC filter face mask. We have to make a stand. You are one inspirational leader.. Maybe you haven’t won the nomination but you certainly had won my heart the moment I became more familiar with your selfless politics, inclusiveness of all people in this country and vision. I have been a supporter of your politics, proudly voted for you both times and this is a really sad day not only for me but all Americans. Such a shame that people couldn’t get behind you. I truly love you Mr Sanders

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