AC/DC filter face mask

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This situation is atrocious, exploiting some of the most fragile of our society for profit. AC/DC filter face mask. We have a similar problem up in Canada, and it needs to stop, and to hold those responsible for the disgusting conditions so many elderly have been exposed to, and/or have died as a result of mismanagement, all for greed.

AC/DC filter face mask

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face mask – detail

This form of capitalism is horrendous!! The neglect to residents, poorly paid wages to workers, at time s. inedible food you’d throw out was fed to residents. This problem was prevalent in the 1970s and has continued. The almighty $$$ is the only interest of many ruthless nursing home executives. AC/DC filter face mask. Hospitals and nursing homes that have CEOs and are listed on stock exchanges need to stop! Lives should never ever be part of corporate greed and all lives matter, not corporate profits! Soulless. Start your own business using the Bernie Sanders economic/business model.Afterall you are an expert on bothe economics and business with your vast experience and willingness to put your own money at risk to provide ‘living wage jobs’ and benefits, Oh Yeah,you are just another know it all loud mouth who wants to spend other people’s money.And you wonder why the democrats have kicked you to the curb twice.

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