AC/DC hawaiian shirt

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We need a leader that will harden institutions against political bias. It’s no longer good enough to enact change. AC/DC hawaiian shirt. That change needs durability. Our institutions and laws need to be above human prejudice. Joe Biden is a true American…no matter what his opponents say, he has a heart and cares about people other than himself.

AC/DC hawaiian shirt

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I wasn’t going to vote for you. I’m a Bernie supporter. However, I do see how you are trying to go more progressive. Please continue this path. We need great change in this country after the demolition of our core values from Trump. I will now vote for you. This current administration makes it feel like we are going back to the dark ages. AC/DC hawaiian shirt. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to take the women’s vote away. Can’t wait for the election. We need education in our country!! A main contributor to our problems is the failure to educate our citizens. Make this a priority please. Mr Biden your compassion would help bring the country back together. We need to have a President that represents the people. And not a President that we currently we have now that only looks towards only his view and base.

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