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Obama got away with his shanagains! He did his dirty deeds behind the scenes and was not a very good president, but you didn’t see me go on a haters spree like the democrats do! Accounting Knowledge Poster. He interfered in another country elections.

Accounting Knowledge Poster

Accounting Knowledge Poster- 24X36
Poster- 24X36
Accounting Knowledge Poster- 16X24
Poster- 16X24
Accounting Knowledge Poster- 11X17
Poster- 11X17

He bypassed congress to permit men in womens’ bathrooms. He spoke with honey & as a snake. He will lose his presidency. So he spoke with honey & as a snake ! Trump is just a snake a clueless snake ! I watched Nancy Pelosi’s press conference. She is worse than Pontius Pilate. The only thing she forgot to do was wash the Botox off her hands. You are not above the law so I wouldn’t do that if I was you. Trump has broken the law what part of that don’t you understand. For recognizing Jerusalem as the Israel’s capital, any mortal trying to stop Trump will be stopped by heaven. But Mr President one thing is left, recognize Biafra and your name will be written in God as far as human exists. It is truly a sad period for these United States. Accounting Knowledge Poster. Decent Americans need to rise up next year in November like lions from slumbers in unvanquishable numbers and send this rising, dangerous despot packing and restore American democratic norms and principles and revive that healthy skepticism of government which has long been a hallmark of this Constitutional Republic. President Trump is a clear threat to both liberal and illiberal democracy. He makes Putin’s relentless attacks on democracy look like a child’s play. Thank you.

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