Acura face mask

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Mr. President, people at the IRS need to be held accountable now. Acura face mask. We gave up our livelihoods and they can’t get it together to do a simple direct deposit or administer a website.

Acura face mask

Acura face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Accountability now. Biden may not be the best but he would never encourage his followers to actively go out and spred the virus. Acura face mask. So China’s now targeting Africa but why…..WHO God’s watching over us and he’ll protect us from your evil plans..a big AmenPlease remember, it’s more dangerous to say the wrong thing to a Trump supporter than to have an occasional social distancing violation. Keep bumper stickers to a minimum as well, these people are dangerous. Wear a MAGA hat and an All Lives Matter shirt in public, and then show us how the never-Trumpers treat you, please. Trump And Fox are conspiracy lover’s that pry on the weak minded people that are gullible and refrain from fact checking because it’s easier to believe the lies than take time to research the truth! Watching your dumpster fire of a presidency is hilarious, unfortunate that I live in it but the laughs still keep coming!!cause what else can we do… When all the negative commentators realize the people they are listening to is the problem. The main stream media is owned by the lowest of the swamps. I praise you President Trump for all that you are doing for the people of the World. Senators & governor’s from both parties r pissed . Trump not delivering vital lifesaving gear. But , not surprised , cause all he does is Pat himself on the back & lie . 200 days to vote for a leader for all.

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