African American Flag Canvas Prints

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Step out of your me zone, McConnel and assume the role of serving the Americans you were elected for. African American Flag Canvas Prints. There are millions of Americans who cannot live on $1200 for four months. If elected federal senator republicans had to live on that amount instead of their corporate infused donations, then immediate concern would be foremost. Hoping for change.

African American Flag Canvas Prints

African American Flag Canvas Prints - Medium size
Canvas Prints – Medium size
African American Flag Canvas Prints - Large size
Canvas Prints – Large size

He has stinking thinking and wants to save Medicare and Social Security money! If he gets the virus you can bet he will want all the care and supplies he needs!…sad and selfish politician. His state is one of the poorest in our country. Of course they don’t feel the urgency, they don’t care and are set for life. If anyone in this country at this stage thinks otherwise I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince them. They could give 2 sh#*s about anyone but themselves. African American Flag Canvas Prints. Follow the money. In January, Moscow Mitch blocked efforts to keep sanctions in place on multiple Russian companies. Weeks later, one of the companies whose sanctions had been lifted invested $200 million in a development project in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. Kentucky’s other senator, Rand Paul, also voted to lift the sanctions on Russian companies.

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