African Culture Blanket

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For all the people who are bashing Cuomo and live outside of NY, death and CIVID-19 will be prevalent in your states too, even you red state people. African Culture Blanket. Anybody watching what’s happening in Alabama & Florida?

African Culture Blanket

African Culture Blanket- youth
Blanket- youth
African Culture Blanket- x large
Blanket- x large
African Culture Blanket- large
Blanket- large

NY will be on the mend when your states peak! African Culture Blanket. All the data shows the same patterns! You’re going to wish you had a “take charge” Governor like Cuomo. Proud to be a New Yorker. Donna Harsdorf Peterson why was he not prepared, Cuomo that is. He refused an large order of masks ect. in 2018. We have the largest city in the country and huge population density. We also have one of the largest international airports in the country too. Cuomo is doing a great job for us New Yorkers. I just started watching Governor Cuomo and will now watch his updates instead of the presidents. I honestly can no longer stomach him. How can you prepare in ample time .. china lied to the world trump shut china down soon as w.h.o announce a pandemic. Look at the number of cases in NY and those people move state to state. Shut NY down. ever though he chose not to buy ventilators several years back and now blaming Trump for him not having them. Oh Obama was president then. Really doesn’t matter who was president, the decision was Cuomo’s. Where is that in CNN reporting. ask the people of NYC how great he’s doing! He’s a joke why? Didn’t he shut down New York City a month ago? Why? Didn’t he order masks and supplies in January? Because he’s clueless it’s obvious! Leadership like his will doom as all.

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