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Anyone notice that predominately Democratically controlled areas are asking for the most help from the federal government??? They also have the highest tax rates, where is the tax money going and why are they begging to be helped after taxing the most from their residents. By ventilators or windmills. African Woman Poster. The same areas claim they have childhood obesity, yet those children receive free and reduced lunches. How come big box stores (Walmart and Target) are allowed to sell nonessential items? Does Wolf not care about small businesses or does he just not care about pa residences in general

African Woman Poster

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Because we dont consider the fact that in the 1940 women were working under the radar paying nothing in tax, that social security was enacted, and unemployment was enacted this is how we flatten the curve of the long debt cycle. One way we could flatten this time is give everyone Medicare for All, giving each family household that would have had a women working within that household for nothing $500 a month taxing large consolidated businesses that have eliminated large box stores, small businesses, and employees doing repetitive work units. African Woman Poster. These companies would be like Amazon and Walmart. Remember Yang want to give everyone 1000 a month. And that Bernie wants to reduce your Healthcare insurance by a similar $11,000 on average a year. This could be family coverage though. So $500 a month for any household would still be needed. We will need to do all this as well debt reduction and restructuring to flatten the curve.

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