Aggressive Nirnroot Noises shirt and v-neck

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Aggressive Nirnroot Noises. Order now before lose it forever.



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I see you’re a trump hater. Aggressive Nirnroot Noises. You have to bring politics into everything. I feel sorry for you.

Aggressive Nirnroot Noises

Aggressive Nirnroot Noises v-neck
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I pray to God that he removes the evil double from your soul. I can tell you’re from Washington the land of illegal immigrants and pro full term abortion state. Poutot he is making America Great again!!! And this right here proves it to me loud and clear. Haters are haters but true Americans love what he is doing. I can’t believe this post turned into a bashing session on a man who is trying to help this country, BUT! Consider the source. Aggressive Nirnroot Noises. The left can shut their crybaby pie holes. Sick of them anyway. It would be awesome to see Mr. Trump pay a visit to him. Andy Ray id love to see trump send everyone form the left to Iran or somewhere so they could have a president since he isn’t there president. I will pray for your soul since you put that self-admitted pussy grabbing CON MAN (do those words offend you? They should but they are HIS words not mine) ahead of your fellow citizens as he cuts food stamps, Medicare, medicaid, social security and children’s programs. Not to mention how he is now bleeding money from the military to pay for his wall since Mexico and congress wouldn’t (promise kept ?). Glad you worship him and your other Jesus will be so pleased when it comes to your judgement day. You’re a Democrat who misses stealing from disabled and vetS. What else are you missing?

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