Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask. Order now before lose it forever.

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You guys aided and abetted. You highlighted Fauci; you gave him the damned microphone, camera and an audience…you Parrotted concern for a phony narrative and agreed to shut down the Nation.. Maybe its not all bad. The ‘grid’ doesn’t own my kids. The think they have more say-so over my kids than I do. . . . I will defend my rights as a parent with extreme prejudice. I do not approve of the direction/content of what is being perpetrat… See More. Unions need to be ended. They no longer stand for the working class like they used to.. Do you also support hiring social workers to help those kids and their families as well as subsidized childcare?. And the Illegal kids on the boarder are in school. So Biden is showing whos kids come first!. Time to open everything nationwide. A virus with a 90+% recovery rate is no longer a reason to restrict our lives. D.C.’s motives are not in our interest but what Democrats have in mind with this country and its people. Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask

Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask

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Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask 2

lets see Ted Cruz send his kids to public school, along with every other politician who thinks this is a good idea without guidelines and not allowing teachers to get vaxxed first. Don’t know why all you people are getting your panties in a wad. You can STILL wear a mask if you choose. Private businesses can still require them. The governor just took the MANDATE away and gave the choice back to the people as it should have been a… See More. Open everything up wide open. If people don’t like Texas I’m sure there is plenty of room in California for them.. More oversimplification and outright lying…. there should never have been a lockdown, that was all preplanned by the democrats so they could get mail in votes,. Don’t thank governors for freeing their hostages from lockdown. They NEVER had the right to enslave us in the first place. Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask

Ainslie Shield Clan Tartan face mask

Why are they the rest of our polations letting these demacrates get away with destroying our country,we need trump back in as president,before its to late. That’s why I don’t and won’t vote for them. The democrats have abandoned America and Americans. They show time and again, they care more about other countries citizens than Americans.. I am HAPPY that there are people like you in the “republican party” because they will never win an election again!. The chances that bureaucrats would have been able to convince an entire nation to close their businesses, schools, mandate masks, take an experimental drug and abandon election precautions because of the flu would been thought to have been impossible. You could work with Dems to ensure their policies won’t overstep and go too far or you sit there an whine like a baby and further the divide. Stop being part of the problem! Yours truly, a Texas Voter.

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