Alabama Crimson Tide face mask

Do you want it? Alabama Crimson Tide face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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People dumber than stewed cabbage, who haven’t cracked a book since high school flood this space daily to express their outrage over”erasing history” but fail to realize how in so many other places, the atrocities of the past were still recognized in books but were not still celebrated publicly in front of the descendants of the victims of those atrocities. Alabama Crimson Tide face mask. The fact that you Trump humpers can’t grasp this fact is nothing short of stunning in 2020

Alabama Crimson Tide face mask

One particularly cretinous inbred actually tried to counter this fact by saying. “They didn’t tear down Auschwitz in Germany” as if leaving intact this burial ground was somehow the same as erecting statues to celebrate atrocities! I asked him how many Adolf Hitler and other Nazi monuments exist in the public square these days in Germany. Alabama Crimson Tide face mask. These people are insane. Quite frankly, as Glenn Beck said today, I believe this entire thing has been planned and plotted and as he said they were just waiting for the “green light” which was the situation with George Floyd. These far leftists are a lost cause ~ they repulse me w/their ‘holier than thou’ attitude! The Democratic Socialist Party elitists have turned their back on their constituents to coddle BLM & Antifa movements ~ both Marxist organizations! We need to take back our ‘imperfect’ country & send these rioting thugs to either jail or another socialist country of their choice! We will rue the day we allowed this mayhem to continue! Vote ALL Red on Nov to take back this nation ~ let’s not let Lady Liberty down!

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