Alaska For Trump Flag

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Do you want it? Alaska For Trump Flag. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Daylight hours. We have very long days in the summer and very short days in the winter. Alaska For Trump Flag. The long days can make it hard to fall asleep when it isn’t even dark outside yet. The short days can cause some people to be depressed.

Alaska For Trump Flag

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The cold winters. It makes you not want to go outside. -40 hurts your face, it stings. I don’t know how your eyeballs don’t freeze. Once I was caught in a storm in a vehicle that quit running. it was a long way back to town and I wasn’t dressed to make the walk. I would have frozen to death if I tried. I stayed in the vehicle but I knew that I would freeze to death there also if I wasn’t rescued. I had a cell phone but was barely getting any signal. I couldn’t call out. I kept trying to send a text message but it kept failing. Alaska For Trump Flag. Finally a text message got out but I didn’t get an immediate reply. Hours went by and my socks were frozen to my feet, my shoes and paint legs were frozen to my socks. I had gotten covered in snow when I went outside of the vehicle to try to get unstuck and then the snow melted and got me wet. I pulled the seat cushions off of the front seats and covered myself in them to try to shelter myself from the cold. I finally got a text back saying that help was on the way. It took another hour for the rescue people to reach me. We had to walk about a quarter of a mile in the blizzard back to where they could drive to. The next day they closed off that highway so no one else would drive out there and get stuck like I did. Small town feel. Where I live, people know each other and wave as they drive down the road. Can you imagine having to waive to every car that you pass? I don’t usually initiate the wave but I do waive back. The only time I take the keys out of my car is at the post office because my P.O. box key is on the same ring. I don’t lock the door of my house unless I am leaving town. We help each other here and give to people in need. There isn’t much crime here but some drunken youths shot the tires out of my Scout with a bow and arrows. That isn’t a joke, it really happened! Politics. We do have a political scene but it feels like we don’t really matter on the national level. The national elections are already decided before they even count our votes. I still vote anyway. Nature. I live near one of the largest run of Sockeye salmon in the world! We have brown bears walk through town. Wolves have killed our pet dogs and not far from here they killed one of our school teachers. I feel more connected to nature then in other places. Dependent on the outside world. If we were unable to get the things that are shipped in (food, fuel, household goods, machines) we might be in big trouble. There have been (and still are) native people in this area for a long time but I don’t have their skills, most of us don’t. We heat our houses with heating oil, we eat food shipped in, we don’t make our own clothes. If the airplanes stopped landing here and the barges stopped bringing us stuff, what would we do? There is no road that leads us back to the rest of the world.

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