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Please remember that VP Biden has struggled with a stuttering problem for his whole life. Alien face hugger hawaiian shirt. There is no relationship between stuttering and cognitive ability.

Alien face hugger hawaiian shirt

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To the careful observer, this is clearly a speech problem and his occasional verbal tripping up is neither a personality flaw nor a sigh of impairment. As Joe himself would say, “come on man”. except in the past he also had the same stutter, but looked and sounded like a completely different man. Alien face hugger hawaiian shirt. He also didn’t regularly lose his train of thought completely. Your defense makes zero sense. Well the ‘word wizard’ president has pulled a few dilly moments of his own- when I listen to him, talk radio cheering sections pick out Biden’s missteps yet ignore The Emperor! Get Over It! Trumpet the word wizard ? Biden’s life-long struggle to overcome a severe speech impediment is well documented. A speech impediment is not a cognitive decline. It’s very unlike Trump’s “word salad” episodes – which are potentially diagnostic of mental irregularities. Naaman Kisby Biden has had a stutter since childhood. He may stumble on occasion, but that’s the stutter, not his thought process. he’s been a stutterer since childhood. Ever wonder why Trump took the memory test to begin with? A physician usually recommends those tests because they have a concern of mental decline. Because of privacy, we will never know the real results. Sadly for our country, 70% of Americans have a pretty good idea though. trolling and not very well. It’s common knowledge numb nuts.

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