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This is not normal for people on this thread to be so nonchalant and almost exuberant at people closing the doors to their businesses. Alien i want to leave face mask. This is very telling of you and your hate for our country.

Alien i want to leave face mask

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face mask – pic 1

You are joyful at someone’s pain. Shame. Evangelical Republicans deserve all the hate they get and more. These franchises support Facism and Trump. They deserve to burn to the ground. You’re ignorant of the bankruptcy laws. Chapter 11 allows them to shed or restructure their debts without going away. notice they don’t mention hate for America and all America stands for: the ability to own businesses and property, sovereignty of the individual. Alien i want to leave face mask. No, they need to live in Cuba for a week at most. I guarantee you they will kiss our ground. This is the most beautiful nation in the whole planet. a corporate bankruptcy doesn’t always mean a company is closing down. They may shut some stores down. But they are asking for help from loan obligations. I was just pointing out that a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy doesn’t always mean they are going out of business. While some may lose their jobs it is not always the case. Elvira Micu Kuhn Hate for our country? No, just hate for this Capitalist Republican party who worship the rich because of their own love of money. You cheer on the already filthy rich and cater to their every whim. Jeff Bezos…for an example of who trumps tax cuts benefit. Not the working class who are still struggling to make ends meet and have to work more than one job.

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