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I am sure Congress can issue a subpoena. Always Bon Jovi Signature Poster. But then again given that the Republicans are in control of the Senate, their real goal is obviously to make public and create retaliation against the Whistleblower.

Always Bon Jovi Signature Poster

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There is actually a law that requires, indeed demands. that the Secretary of the Treasury turn over the President’s taxes when the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee requests them. Always Bon Jovi Signature Poster. Not only did Secretary Mnucin refuse to comply with that legal mandate, but this whistleblower has claimed that a political appointee has interfered with a long standing practice of conducting an audit on the tax filings of every US President. In other words, Trump continues to act as if he is above the law and not even subject to standard practices set forth to ensure that our president, in the words of Richard Nixon is “not a crook.” Given what we have seen of this president, i think we can all rest assured that Trump is indeed a crook who thinks he is also the King. The whistleblower sounded the alarm, and their work is done. We need to allow this person to fade into the mist until it is time for history to thank them properly. First question is what could be “damaging” in the president’s taxes if they are done above board? Second, if Grassley, a Republican wanted this whistleblower to appear to determine if there was political bias or something improper regarding the audit, why would an official warn about punishment that person could face for coming forward? Third, who was the official?

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