Always On My Mind Poster

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Trump Supporter,you dont like immigrants coming into your country to work,as far as you are concerned,all immigrants are considered to be “illegal” to you. Always On My Mind Poster. We wouldn’t forget to feed you to the dogs after your death this Friday to, keeping the land off litter.

Always On My Mind Poster

Always On My Mind Poster - A4
Poster – A4
Always On My Mind Poster - A3
Poster – A3
Always On My Mind Poster - A2
Poster – A2

Michael Friedman wow. You’re an unhappy soul, who refuses to think for yourself, aren’t you? I hope life gets better for you soon. Well i guess if a whistleblower doesnt have to show for an impeachment of a president( which is way more important than the IRS) then i guess they have the right to decline to appear in any other hearings..see how they opened the door for this by Adam schiff an how he been treating his whistleblower? Always On My Mind Poster. That’s why whistleblowers identities are protected. When dealing with a thug like trump, they’d be crazy to show up. Vance here the thing, if they took away the financial incentive part of whistleblowing, you wouldnt see ppl whistleblowing on anything, but they get a 20% commission or slightly below that on whistleblowing that leads to a conviction. Jennifer Cadigan it seems that would be because dems are the ones interfering in this case..but i agree, i think if you cant come forward in these cases, then the cases get automatically dropped..notice what she reported..” If someone has concerns about how how government is being ran”..not that anything is ILLEGAL..thats the problem..just because you dont like how someone is doing something, maybe you should first find out if what they are doing is illegal before you speak up.

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