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Amy KellyGet rid of the filibuster now! There won’t be any progress if Dems keep letting Mitch and the minority call all the shots. Take the power back!47 . Sonia HamdanI have an idea to help our country with the budget. Stop giving 3.8 billion dollars a year to Israel. 19 . Peter CavaliereWhat exactly will y ou ACTUALLY get done before the midterms? Your time could be running out — but by all means, keep searching for that “bipartisan” breakthrough that’s right around the corner… LOLOL5 . Norton RoadThank you Joe, America is moving in the right direction!58 . Cassie PetroYou’ve been absolutely phenomenal, sweetheart. You made a plan to build & improve the country & you did. You did it without boasting about it as your predecessor had. I think that’s a great part of your appeal. And you’ve got the glowing approval ratin… See More45 . Joe BoroskyIt’s not a budget when you’re spending money you don’t have and no one holds you accountable22  AMANDA GORMAN for there is always light poster

AMANDA GORMAN for there is always light poster

Kevin McCauslandWhat about our citizens in Philly stuck in Kensington Beach Philly, Pa? I bet if hunter had pictures with a stem in his mouth posted up on k&a you would do something about it. Who runs main mans social media account? Pass the message along ya tarts. 12 . Mydgie DanBonehead. It’s Memorial Day, not Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is for our fallen service members. 16 . Dereje MarkosHands off from Ethiopia don’t believe old senates “lobbyists”17 . Shakil KhanThank you to all veterans except Tom Cotton13 . Cameron CoganYou could really show them how thankful you are by bringing them all home NOW!11 . Eyob WonduLeave Ethiopia alone. We are capable of handling our problems. There is nothing positive in any world that America has brought to. The country of injustice and bigotries.11 . Kevin BraultWrong holiday president potato head, and your supporters! Memorial day is for the fallen. Also, then why are we not housing our homeless vets, instead of illegals?11  AMANDA GORMAN for there is always light poster

AMANDA GORMAN for there is always light poster

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