Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt . Order now before lose it forever.



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If this is anything like California’s AB5, it will be devastating for writers, musicians, truck drivers, and so many other independent contractors. I pay more taxes as a self-employed writer for top publications so I can set my own hours and be my own … See More. President Reagan started the demise of unions with he stomped on the air traffic controllers. Republicans have accelerated the attack ever since, while handing out billions of taxpayer money to billionaires. We out-number the billionaires! Take advanta… See More. Yes. PASS THE PRO ACT so workers can organize and work together for the good of the whole community.. The pro act is realy just a pass to make unions all powerful.. And they were once a good check on employers tempted to hire illegally.. As long as Manchin remains the 50th vote, this has less than a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. Even if it went to a vote (which it likely will not), given the current composition of the Senate (lots of millionaire “Democrats” like Warner, who pe… See More Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

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Unions built the American Middle Class then the Republican Corporate Party consistently did/does everything it can to destroy unions and abuse/enslave/impoverish workers while stuffing their own pockets.. Unfortunately the pro act is unlikely to survive the senate. Would have been nice to end right to freeload but unless dems end the fillibuster it’s not going to happen.. Workers unions are a good thing and should be protected.. Bernie man this pro act bill is a disaster in the making… Man for real lay down the pipe…. Why is the Pro Act threatening the jobs of indepent contractors? I’m 100% for strengthening unions, but why do so at the cost of other working class Americans? Tying these two together makes it seem like it was designed to fail.. Or you could just raise the federal minimal wage… Hmmm. How many Republicans do you suppose will vote for this? Bills like this are just a virtue signaling exercise for Dems. They know it won’t pass, but they can point at it and say “Look! We’re on your side.” Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

come on #Libertarians – join US in this and we’ll UNITE! #CopUnionCorrupt – most unions are as horribly corrupt and stupid as the government – yet we need the eggs…. #forcethevote Bernie use your movement! email the people and put pressure on your colleagues in the senate and the president, you can still be the chief organizer. The workers have to organize themslves into a class, first of all. Their political party will be the first and the last line of defense against a billionaire class, that is, exploitators of their own working forces.. Living wage for all, not just unions. Punish criminals and stop illegal drugs please Sir.. Your act does not provide for people to opt out of Unionization. So no.. Once workers are able to unionize again, the quality of life in the US will rise for EVERYONE.. If you work for Uber, forget it. Any part time 1099 type work will be eliminated. Forget your side hustle!

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