Amazing turtle hippie hawaiian shirt

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Another reason why everyone needs to focus their agnst toward the 1%, if your not a millionaire, than your expendable in the eyes of the rich powerfull and politicians do not and have not ever truly given a damn about you. Our Oregon governor has called for federal officers to STAY OFF our streets during protests. Amazing turtle hippie hawaiian shirt. One man held said he did not know whether the men were police or far-right extremists, who frequently don military like outfits and harass left-leaning protesters in Portland.

Amazing turtle hippie hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

Reaping the tremendous incredible joyful benefits of the clairvoyant omniscient infallible patriotic GOP Christian government policy inspired by the chosen one, very stable genius with best words, delusional thoughts and covfefe prayers making America great again bigly as promised. I disagree with this view. Amazing turtle hippie hawaiian shirt. True, Federal troops have been sent in to restore order where the local officials seem to have been powerless to do so, sometimes agreeing with the people doing the destruction. If local authority seems unwilling to bring this chaos to a halt to protect citizens and their property then someone else must do the job. Why does no one police the police, why is there no check to these powers? The mayor and the governor want these federal agents out but there is nothing they can do. It seems like there should be something they can do.

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