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He was the poorest senator in washington.he made money when he sold his books.a lot of both parties make money doing speeches,writing books and maybe lobbiest. There are any number of other ways to safely restrain a suspect. But beyond the banning of choke-holds, this country must have a fundamental reassessment and reformation of police as a whole. American flag 4th of july face mask. I propose a new department for the presidential Cabinet: the Federal Department of Domestic Law Enforcement.

American flag 4th of july face mask

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I am preparing to outline this proposal, for submission to the Biden campaign, but I am eager to hear specifics of what others believe would be relevant duties. These would include the authority to investigate and override local departments in situations like George Floyd, and the institution of requirements /all/ domestic law enforcement would have to implement in regards to training and equipment. Did you do anything in 8 years as VP apparently when you’re in charge you dont care. American flag 4th of july face mask.Also I think we should defund police like you and most Democrats want why not start with your secret service. Be part of the solution man. Lol congress has had a chokehold in America since before you became a senator! While we are at it let’s demand term limits

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