American Patriotic Puppy Wreath

Do you want it? American Patriotic Puppy Wreath. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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If my post triggers you, you make my point. American Patriotic Puppy Wreath. You’re not allowed to respect other’s differences.

American Patriotic Puppy Wreath

American Patriotic Puppy Wreath- S
Wreath- S
American Patriotic Puppy Wreath- M
Wreath- M

You’re taught hate and intolerance. This is rather simple to Illustrate. The Dems will do or say anything that tried to convince you that MORE GOV’T is needed for you to live a happy life. American Patriotic Puppy Wreath. Just think about everything they stand for. Free healthcare to all people in the USA, free school, gov’t run private businesses,free just about everything. What Sanders doesn’t tell you is that your tax rate will be OVER 50%. You will take home less money, have fewer choices at the grocery store. You will have rationed healthcare. Say your Aunt or Uncle have cancer, but they’re over 55 and are retired, so they don’t contribute to the Demotaxyoutodeath system. The healthcare system will just LET THEM DIE. Some of you would painfully not want your family members to die so early. We know why the DemoBrainwash party is indoctrinating our youth. It was Hitler who said: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”. Remember, we do NOT NEED YOUR APPROVAL OR ACKNOWLEDGMENT to keep MAKING AMERICA GREAT. Heck, we don’t even need your votes. You choose to stay on the Demodoomandgloom train. You choose to live with hate in your hearts. When you decide to put AMERICA first, your family first, we “deplorable” president Trump supporters welcome you with open arms. You Demotrolls are the true supporters of tyranny and treasonous behavior that goes against the moral compass of America and its founding fathers. You all should leave this country so we can replace you with illegal aliens that would appreciate our laws and freedoms.

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