American Eagle Wreath

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Nancy Gooslin again, we don’t need to prove anything to you. 80 + million people plus every democrat and some republicans politicians disagree with you. Biden won. It’s over. Trump is the one who needs to prove his claims of ‘fraud’. He hasn’t done it yet. Now he’s trying to get the courts to overturn a certified election. American Eagle Wreath. Courts don’t decide elections. Voters do. You’re point about a ‘do over’ is irrelevant and childish.William…you mean we should respect the gumboot who has run roughshod over everyone, including his own party?

American Eagle Wreath

American Eagle Wreath- pic 1
Eagle Wreath- pic 1

Lol, even his own people get the latest transit authority’s schedule in fear of being thrown under the bus. Any beginners in here trying to learn how to trade with signals, I will gladly help! I am an expert but I am still able to help for free, I remember people would help and I am paying it forward. If I can’t help you then I will source you to something that will help you! If you’re interested just comment’s not ‘in front’ of the court yet. The Supreme Court will reject this case, just like the last one it rejected. No court that wants to retain a shred of legitimacy will give this dumpster fire of lies a hearing.I’m childish? Okay well when we have martial law I don’t want to hear how childish you are! Preventing 75 million people from looking into a fraud election will cause a war! I hope you people can deal with that. Because that’s what it will boil down to! Besides it’s a shame you are satisfied with a fraudulent election!you idiots won’t wear a mask, but martial law declared by an insane despot is ok. You want your political ideology to prevail no matter what. Even if it destroys your families and country. We don’t agree with you, so you call us evil and ‘the enemy’ and threaten war because you lost a fucking election. That is so frighteningly un American. You should be ashamed. There is no proof there was fraud. It’s all conspiracy theories, and they’re not even good ones.Nancy Gooslin the Supreme Court rejected one case this week. This is a new one they have not decided to hear yet. Pay attention.A free country with Marshall law or civil war, when you don’t like the outcome of a democratic election. American Eagle Wreath. I think your vision of free country sounds an awful lot like Russia. No how Americans moan about how you can’t change the constitution then quote amendments. 2nd amendment was written in a different time with different types of guns time it was updated to state the average citizen shouldn’t have military grade weapons. What do you think will happen when communist are running our country? It’s a national security threat to fraud a election! He should have already called a limited martial law! Do you not know what a limited martial law is? Sounds like NOT!It nuts? It’s a national security threat to defraud a election! 75 million people are refusing to live in a third world country! Nothing nuts about that! It’s amazing that people believe his baloney. He is not interested in election fraud. He’s interested in exerting his influence to coerce the states to overturn an election. It’s an extraordinary willingness to undermine our democracy and win at all costs.That still wouldn’t be good enough. There were three counts in Georgia and the same results. You want 3 out of 5 and so on until you get what you want….. it doesn’t work that way.Numbers don’t lie. They don’t add up in the presidential election. Biden’s win is fraudulent and honestly he is yet to be legitimately be chosen as presidential elect. Trump 2020.

Do you love it? American Eagle Wreath. Buy it today before we sell out.

Truth will prevail. This is Christ’s country and HE has the final say, not some politicians, judges, or media. The Lord will not let the system he set up be changed into social communism.He never won about President Obama and Trump’s wife never measured up to Michelle Obama. Trump never beat President Obama and Michelle Obama for Most Admired…. even though Trump was in DC President Obama kept getting the “Most Admired” I think it is hilarious how you and others think Trump is a victim of circumstance…. He is no victim and when he feels like it he will spend the day bullying and name calling and then he plays the victim card for what he started in the first place.

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