An eternal memory until we meet again custom name poster



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JoeBob BakerIts called Top-down bottom-up! Crushing federal debt and a growing entitlement class pushing out the middle class….there will be no middle class. Majority will live at the poverty line with a ruling upper class ! #SocialismKills21 . Suzanne TriceMr. President Biden , I am thankful for your leadership . And for Vice President Harris leadership. It has been a reckless( past 4 yrs )and I have much hope & faith in the direction we are going. Thank you. 23 . Dawn KinsleyWhat a wonderful president. If only people would actually listen to him and Republicans would try to work with him to help their country. 31 . Cassie PetroYou’re right on target as usual, sweetheart. We’ve seen monumental progress under your watch. I can finally sleep at night without having to worry about 45’s access to nuclear codes. You’ve truly been beyond flawless in your leadership, honey32 . Melkamu Tamrie TemesgenMr. President we know that all the US citizens are human being and the government of US is stand by him self. He has the right to demolish the cities and the countries a cross the world and has the right to the leaders of a country and to remove by any means the leaders too.Has the right to decide on your country. Why other countries unable to do like. Why you need to pressurize and weaken our country,Ethiopia with biased and unfair judgment? Please see it again again. 86% of the source of Nile is from Ethiopia but we use it nothing. Egypt have no contribution value for the river but has full right to use it by alone with the help of your country. GOD bless this unfair and unethical world!!!16  An eternal memory until we meet again custom name poster

An eternal memory until we meet again custom name poster

Paula RiglerTHANK YOU Mr. President for your dedication to the betterment for the people of America.27 . Ava Addams  · FollowAbsolutely!! Now is the time to rebuild and change our economy to help the majority of all Americans and not just the top 10%!! 26 . Carol Bowmanperseverance and determination are omnipotent. keep on trying, Joe. Eventually you’ll win. just like Obama did with his health plan. They still haven’t found a substitute for that. 50 . Sardar AkramWhat a wonderful work Done in short time period you have owned through Break the Filibuster and compellingly really Beautiful things about in coming future you are the best11 . Sheila ShawKeep up the good work Joe, we appreciate all you do for us.75 . Therese Coyle BeauvaisYes. Enough supporting only the top levels and saying it will “trickle down”— it never did and never will. Bottom up and middle out to help ALL Americans! 11  An eternal memory until we meet again custom name poster

An eternal memory until we meet again custom name poster

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