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Runs from every confrontation, whines every day like a little baby that everyone is against him, but oh yeah, he’s really tough. Anatomy Knowledge Poster. God, these trump supporters are awful excuses for human beings.

Anatomy Knowledge Poster

Anatomy Knowledge Poster - 24x36
Poster – 24×36
Anatomy Knowledge Poster - 16x24
Poster – 16×24
Anatomy Knowledge Poster - 11x17
Poster – 11×17

Dumber than mushrooms, most of them. Well done it’s a pity more of your own people don’t recognise how much you have done for them. Everything he says is a lie. There’s no way to parse out any true statements when he lies on an hourly basis. It is pretty easy for a New York City slicker professional con man too fool a bunch of rubes and hillbillies. If you can’t see the con you are the mark. I was looking for an old friend when i saw your beautiful picture, if you don’t mind can we be friends. Do me a Favour by adding me on Facebook. Thank you. I know since your too stupidily trump infatuated about your all mighty trump cult leader dumbshits. The Democrats and media will turn everything that you say against you. Anatomy Knowledge Poster. Executive Privilege or plead the 5th. You are the Best Man to ever happen to the USA. Thank God you were sent to fix things. Over in Naples but will be watching you in Sunrise. Happy Thanksgiving to you , Melania, Barron and the rest of your beautiful family. It amazes me that the country has numbers like this. And folks believe that a Democratic candidate could do better. He’s been in several libby states including California….study up on it before you make a stupid statement. He did he went to the world series the whole world watching he was booed stayed the hole game like a adult would do like the dummy craps child like boos.

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