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Downstairs in the painting are the clergy and parishioners admiring and discussing the Eucharist. There is a fairly clear division between the Churches, which is contrasted between the anxiety and antagonism in the earthly pilgrim church versus the serenity and concurrence of the heavenly triumphant church. way. Anesthesia labels mug . This lower part of the picture shows the debates in the attempt to make it clear that it is the Church’s. Here, right next to the Eucharistic altar, are the presence of Saint Augustine, the doctor of grace in the blue robe standing on the right, and Saint Thomas Aquino, the angelic doctor standing on the left and pointing to St. Body. The two represent the foremost efforts of the Church to deepen theology. Raphael had a clear intention when he symmetrically placed two doctors of the Church with the two great ancient philosophers of Plato-Aristotle in the painting ‘Athens Academy’ opposite, because Saint Augustine had the merit of ‘washing’ sin’ for Plato’s philosophy, and Saint Thomas did the same for Aristotle’s. Ancient ideas were used to the glory of God, the Wisdom who rules over the entire universe.


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