Angry grandma face mask

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So are you going to choose who has better qualifications or by the color of a person’s skin to appease the Progressive Left? Angry grandma face mask. Asking for a friend. Just pick the person who will help you win. Race doesn’t matter because we’re all in trouble if Trump wins. We can’t survive 4 more years of Trump.

Angry grandma face mask

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face mask – detail

Does it really matter who you choose? If you choose a black woman all of America will know it’s only because you felt pressured / forced to pick a woman of color. Not because you feel she is the best person for the ticket. So again, does it really matter? The important thing is to get a black woman. Really any of them will do. Angry grandma face mask. Don’t worry about finding the most prepared or qualified candidate, that’s not important. Skin color and gender are what define a person, not the content of their character. I could vote it would be for Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams. Both women have strong voices and strong views. They do have a handle on what is going on and can stand on their own 2 feet. Why won’t you debate trump. Cant you guys have separation. From yourselves and the reporters. Isn’t there a venue suitable for this. C’mon its election year

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