Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster

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The recent cases spiked up the numbers are from Hong Kong citizens who went overseas and possibly infected there. Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster. But unable to get tested or medical support due to the overwhelming situation in Europe.

Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster

Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster - A4
Poster – A4
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Poster – A2
Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster - A1
Poster – A1

What is the problem of HK people taking care of their own returnees. Angus Cattle Knowledge Poster. The city even have an estimated numbers of returnees and enforcing controls and self quarantine more forcefully, together with the city’s usual community effort. They are bracing themselves for the 2nd wave, everyone should know it’s going to be a marathon. The second wave is begin as the residents return from abroad. Should put the returnees on quarantine before letting them home. People keep saying stay inside easy if you have a 10bed room house that is gigantic try staying home in a 2 bed room with 6people in the house good luck this might be the end for alot of folks. that’s an issue two bedroom with 6 people ? Who raises you ? If you can’t live with 6 people during this hard time go out there and catch the virus and do yourself a favor. I was bullied and abused by pretentious persons from two realms controlled by one king for the crown I carry… I yeild for course and for the time being. What about bushfires? Can you close borders for that too? Australian economy is so dependant on China, you will have to suffer more, if you do that. Same happened with Thailand. They had 59 cases in total until last week Sunday. Since then it went up to nearly 800.

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