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Absolutely Ridiculous budget for the military industrial complex – a faction of that budget could do so much good in this world. I think any soldier injured during their call of duty should have health care related to that injury for life. Animal muppet face mask. You got to wonder… whenever you meet a person, and they are super defensive isn’t it because they know they have done something deeply wrong or immoral?? Now apply that to a country’s defense spending.

Animal muppet face mask

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We must’ve built up a lot of enemies over the years to warrant the fear of them so much that such an amount of money needs to be spent. And to think that half of it goes to private contractors. Wonder where the corruption is ? And why so many of our soldiers feel completely betrayed by their own government ? Animal muppet face mask. Capitalist addicts stop at nothing. The US also has the most bases in the most countries and is involved in more operations globally than any other country. Many of those countries shown on that list come to the US to intervene in regional conflicts because they don’t have the military capability to do so. I would agree there needs to be accountability and there is certainly waste that needs to be addressed. But to compare our military budget to other countries is like comparing your apples from your backyard to an orchards. Countries come to us to stop the “bad guy”. When Sadam decided to act up other countries lobbied the US to stop him. When Russia decides they want to “annex” another chunk of a sovereign country who do you think that country is going to turn to? And if we aren’t out there influencing the world countries like China are more than happy to step in and grow their influence.

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