Animal Welcome to vegan family we are vegan poster



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I know you as the founder of facebook and philanthropist, may I be given a loan for a business that will result 70% to continue your generous to those in need and I took advantage of 30%. Proposal and type of business I propose for your consideration.. My question is will be there an end of facebook someday, and how do you imagine it?. Hi Q&A with Mark Nice to see you live without Suit. Smile. Is there a way Facebook as a company can develop device can that detect Earthquake before it happen or Facebook help in detecting this things. Thank you.. Hello Mark Zuckerberg, the name of the city I live in is Marotta, Marche cities, an Italian region. Too bad that Facebook is so determined to write that Marotta is in Emilia Romagna, another region. Despite repeated warnings, Facebook does not correct this geographical error. Is it’possible to do something? It is as if to say that Menlo Park is located in Maine, it’s not a nice situation for the Marotta’s people. Thank You Animal Welcome to vegan family we are vegan poster

Animal Welcome to vegan family we are vegan poster

We are living in a third world country over than 150 thousand person are unemployed for more than 10 years Animal Welcome to vegan family we are vegan poster we are jobless , just imagine after years of stuggling and suffering from hard conditions at primary and secondary schools than at University we found ourselves jobless , we have kept knocking on all the doors without any results ,,, now I’m a mother and my children keep asking me why I have no Pocket money even to serve them some needs ,, why I’m i jobless . #انقذو_حي_الشيخ_جراح #palastine #palestineforever#quds #القدس#قبة_الصخرة#غزة#رامالله#فلسطين #لن_نرحل #Steadfast # We will not leave # Jerusalem_for us # No_the Judaization_Quds # Gaza # Save_Sheikh_Jarrah neighborhood. If you could but see when they are made to stand before the Fire and will say, “Oh, would that we could be returned [to life on earth] and not deny the signs of our Lord and be among the believers.” But what they concealed before has [now] appeared to them. And even if they were returned, they would return to that which they were forbidden; and indeed, they are liars. And they say, “There is none but our worldly life, and we will not be resurrected.” If you could but see they will be made to stand before their Lord. He will say, “Is this not the truth?” They will say, “Yes, by our Lord.” He will [then] say, “So taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve.” Those will have lost who deny the meeting with Allah, until when the Hour [of resurrection] comes upon them unexpectedly, they will say, “Oh, [how great is] our regret over what we neglected concerning it,” while they bear their burdens on their backs. Unquestionably, evil is that which they bear.

Animal Welcome to vegan family we are vegan poster

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