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The reason this turd doesn’t like any objective measurement is because they all make him look bad, because he’s objectively bad by any measurement. Anonymous sports filter face mask. Also why he hates the press, because the press reports information, and information makes him look bad. Duh.

Anonymous sports filter face mask

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I’ve been trying to figure out what this absurd statement suggests about djt’s cognitive abilities. He seems to be saying that if there are no statistics about the number of cases the US looks good, despite the fact that there may be huge numbers of infected people uncounted. So, in his view of reality, the lack of testing leads to a lack of cases! Anonymous sports filter face mask. Is this the same thing as witnessing an accident and rushing home to see if the news makes it real? Is this something that 4 year olds might do? Or, is this the way his brain has worked for many years, creating a fictional reality for all of his con jobs, hoping the suckers don’t see behind the smokescreen. If we do more testing we find more cases, so we have to stop that” has got to be the stupidest comment he has said in the history of man lmao. It gave me a good belly laugh at work today if nothing else.

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