Arizona for trump flag

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Obviously I can read, but you can’t. Arizona for trump flag. Good to know though that you don’t care about men who beat their children.

Arizona for trump flag

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flag – pic 1

Especially ones that he didn’t father. What mother would even allow that to begin with? Sandra Leclaire it’s honestly a waste of my time responding to you, but obviously you need the attention so here goes. You would want to make this about that. NO WHERE did I mention or defend criminal behavior, do better before make a misinformed statement, KEEP READING, or talking just to have something to say. Now, what I won’t do is give you the satisfaction of breaking it all down for you again. Arizona for trump flag. I’ve done that several times here already. Do yourself a Favor and inform yourself before you continue making ignorant statements. but it’s good for the kids bro have a good life and hopefully with him gone. They will turn out better. those kids have a better chance of being crackheads and drug dealers and felons that they do to go to college all you have to do is take a look at their mother. with the example that they have a mother I seriously doubt they’ll accomplish anything. But to give them a free ride because her dad was a criminal who resisted arrest appointed a weapon at a police officer they get a free ride is BS. I hope not. Those children deserve better. Think people will be watching this. I am hoping access to money is allocated properly and restrictions applied.

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