Arkansas for trump flag

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How do they deserve better just because their children they don’t actually have to work for anything and they get a free ride please explain to me how they deserve better. Arkansas for trump flag. You’d have to present me with a truth before I would ever allow your statements of ignorance to hurt me.

Arkansas for trump flag

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TRY AGAIN! But to give you the attention that you need, I’ll say it again. I won’t allow you or anyone to deflect away from my point in this thread. It’s been posted several times so I won’t give you the satisfaction of rehashing that. Carry on! He did his job. Arkansas for trump flag. The same prosecutor that’s prosecuting this case is prosecuting another case that happened in Atlanta during the protests were two officers tased two college students pulling them out of a car and the prosecutor said that they use deadly weapons on those college students yet when Brooks use the Taser on the officer they said it was in a deadly weapon you can’t have it both ways. They will not get accepted in any college, job for bad behavior. My ex husband was from a wealthy family and no college accepted him with his grades and disrespect for feeling he could pay way in. When the family sold the business the new owners kicked him out. He may have money but no respect. So let me get this right. It’s a waste of your time responding to me but you’re doing it because I need the attention? I didn’t ask you to respond so you’re the one looking for attention, not me. Your entire comment is laughable. Did I ask you to break anything down for me? No! So why are you bothering? Unless you can disprove anything I said, then stop blowing up my notifications with your nonsense. Feed your low self esteem elsewhere.

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