Army veteran baseball jersey shirt



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They are all tied to crooked politicians of washington. We should remove these ties and reduce the power of big government.. It’s always called socialism when it benefits the working class. Capitalism is socialism for the rich.. We just need to give socialism a new name. Something like “spreadism” as in spreading the wealth. Plus if republicans hear the word ‘spreadism’ maybe they’ll associate it with butter and vote for it.. Welp, it’s either this administration gets on board with helping the People in a BIG way or we get fascist authoritarianism in the next election. Which, btw, is what most members of the GOP seem to want.. This is where Bernie is right. Army veteran baseball jersey shirt If we failed You and I would all. Sue Krupa I’m so sick of seeing people work and never getting ahead. Yet we shove money into greedy pockets while middle class America pays taxes and bails everyone else out. And there’s the oligarchs that suck the life out of so much.

Army veteran baseball jersey shirt

Kallie HarrierMedicare coverage should also offer coverage for visual aids for those with low vision/blindness. Sometimes glasses aren’t enough and those with a visual impairment can remain independent with an improved quality of life with the proper tools. 15 . Joyce AmesI am 77 years old and I depend on my Social Security and a small pension for income. Why can’t Medicare team up with Costco for eyeglasses and hearing aids? I buy both of those necessary items there and their prices are lower on both, as well!7 . Markey FeildYes please. The costs of these compared to the medical bills they cause if not taken care of is miniscule. 1 . John Jonesthere is so much this country could do for its citizens…health care, education, jobs equality, a more fair judicial system, homelessness, mental health, police … takes a big effort….too bad there are those who would rather keep it old school….guess who?3  Army veteran baseball jersey shirt

Army veteran baseball jersey shirt

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