Artist All-Over T-Shirt

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Artist All-Over T-Shirt. Order now before lose it forever.



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If I get it, I’d have to be knocking on death’s door before I even call my PCP to ask for advice. I can barely afford my deductible, let alone any coinsurance percentages. Artist All-Over T-Shirt. And I’d have to already be dead to set a foot in an emergency room because my insurance has to deem it an actual emergency before they’d pay and I have no idea what they’d consider an emergency. So all other “for profit” businesses are closing shop and sending people home without pay, but the healthcare industry gets to extort money from sick and scared people…. seems fair and legit.

Artist All-Over T-Shirt

Artist All-Over T-Shirt - Front
T-Shirt – Front
Artist All-Over T-Shirt - Back
Shirt – Back

All Berniecrats we are being lied and deceived of on our elections and voting rights. Artist All-Over T-Shirt. The Republicans did not want and still don’t want democrats to vote .Such as excons,poor people and also that is why they have electoral college.Now they infringe one our rights crash the economy and start aNew World Order .This is why I am sorry Bernie the first time I ever really wanted something so bad not just for me but family and country and our future I put my money on you(Bernie) (we the people) and the system failed us .Unfortunately this is why Tyne republicans are now agreeing to giving everyone a bailout they know we cannot sustain this for a long period .We are going to have a global economic collapse like nothing we haven’t seen before .I have no idea what will unfold in the next several months but what I do know is we have no choice we are pawns to their sick game .

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