Atlanta Hawks NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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Great. How about standing up for Israel now. Speak up in defense of Israel. Tell biden to help.. You’re still going to hell Mike!!. There is no state called Israel, it is Palestine and its capital is Jerusalem, whether you like it or not, and we have a promise of victory from God Almighty.. You lost the right to refer to the most successful administration in recent history as “our administration” when you turned your back on your president.. And why is I$real your most cherished ally? What is the agenda behind all that? Atlanta Hawks NBA Hawaiian Shirt So you support them to kill innocent people and steal their land! #Ghazaunderattack. Every time I see a post from you, Mike Pence, I am reminded how you let this country down. We would not be in this mess if you had done the right thing. Will never put my faith and trust in you.. And then you turned your back on this country and Biden is destroying it

Atlanta Hawks NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Pence did you spend all the money They gave you to betray our president.. I sincerely hope that the strong bond that has been forged over decades remains strong even with opposition that it may face in the coming several years. Isreal is relevant, important and an good friend to the United States. God bless The US and Isreal!. Pence how do you look yourself in the mirror? YOU are responsible for so much of the chaos happening in this country!. Pence when the truth comes out and everyone finds out that you were in on the fraud that took place your name will be drug through the mud for generations to come. Enjoy the freedom you have right now. It won’t last much longer.. Why am I still following him? You let us all down when you lied to trump. Why is Israel America’s most cherished ally? Why do we send them so much money and why are they not forced to sign the nuclear and biowarfare treaties? What happened to America first? Atlanta Hawks NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Atlanta Hawks NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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