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I have a TBI and from 15 years ago, took the same cognitive testing that Trump said he took. Audi hawaiian shirt. It was extremely easy for me and he is not very smart so I am sure they (the doctors) didn’t make him finish it. I certainly wouldn’t brag about it Mr Trump, we all know how stupid and ignorant you are, and the rest of your family

Audi hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

All I know is this what ever happened to the United States I grew up in? Can we even call it that anymore? We are at a crossroads in America and I have no loyalty to any President past or present or even future when it comes to dismantling the very fabric of our country for any reason. I’m an American Constitionalist (Yes thats a real party) Audi hawaiian shirt. And is moderate we value the American dream and the very things this country was founded on. Things like Freedom of Speech, The right to assemble, The press and yes even to bare arms. If you were a true American and not a party lap dog you would see Trump for what he really is an Imperialist dictator hell bent on getting even with the people he deems his enemy this includes other Republicans, How can you stand by and watch a guy who gives little care about anything but him self so much praise and room to dismantle our very essence that once made this a great country

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